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Charging curve

A fast charging process doesn’t run at a consistently high speed. The charging curve shows what amount of current the battery charges at what point in time.

The charging behaviour does not (only) depend on the charging station but is influenced by the vehicle’s charging electronics. They ensure that the battery is not excessively strained and that charging remains safe.

The battery management system continuously monitors the temperature of the battery. The temperature must always stay within a certain area. A warm battery charges faster than a cold one. Extreme heat as well as extreme cold, however, damage the battery cells and therefore lead to a reduction in charging power. The state of charge (SOC) of the battery is also taken into account when charging. Ideally, it shoule be between 20 and 80 percent. Above an SOC of approx. 80%, the vehicle usually slows down the charging process.

Every e-car has a specific charging curve. But the following always applies: The specified maximum charging power is never reached continuously.