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Our vision: 100 percent renewable energies by 2035

The climate crisis demands profound changes. In particular, CO2 emissions must be reduced very quickly across all sectors in order to preserve a liveable world for future generations.

Illustration - Wind turbine and solar module leading to a LADE charging station

Our technology creates an efficient connection between e-mobility and renewable energies. Thanks to synergetic coupling, both the CO2 emissions from transport and the emissions from power generation can be reduced massively.

Sustainable by conviction

We founded LADE because climate protection affects all of us. Waiting is no longer an option. For us, the founding of the company is a statement: This situation requires our full commitment.

In order to achieve our goal, we combine expertise from electrical engineering, smart IT, e-mobility and software development. As entrepreneurs, developers, nerds and founders with a green heart, we invest our decades of experience in a world that will still be liveable in the future.

E-mobility from the heart

While others may have petrol running through their veins, we have electrons. Our founder Dennis Schulmeyer electrified his skateboard at the age of eight and has been giving in-depth thought to e-mobility and sustainable charging concepts since 2009. In 2012, he bought the first electric car for his IT company, one year later he installed the city’s first public type 2 charging point at his home in Mainz.

Today the fleet is fully electric and is fueled 100 percent with self-generated solar power and green electricity. Mobility is by no means limited to cars: Those who prefer to get to work on two wheels are supported with a job bike.

Every contribution counts

Real sustainability means a lot more than e-mobility. That is why we organise our company headquarters as ecological and climate-friendly as possible:

  • Designing our products, we pay close attention to an optimised balance between resource consumption and product longevity. Wherever possible, we choose suppliers and partners who think as ecological as we do.
  • We cover our energy needs with our own photovoltaic system and, if that’s not sufficient, with 100% green electricity from power provider Naturstrom.
  • Our offices and workshops are equipped with energy-saving LED lights and controlled with smart IT in order to be as energy-saving as possible.
  • We avoid paper where possible. When we need to print something, we like to use paper made from grass fibers, which uses much less water and energy than traditional paper.

Would you like to work with us to create a more climate-friendly world?