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LADE Green Energy Forecast

Availability of electricity from renewable sources depends on wind and sun. The LADE Green Energy Forecast shows when particularly much (green) or particularly little (red) renewable energy is available in the German power grid, up to 5 days in advance. Support the energy transition with us and use electricity from renewable energies!

More real green electricity

Windräder vor blauem Himmel, davor ein Feld

The generation of green electricity from wind and solar energy is subject to constant fluctuations. However, the current demand must be covered at all times.

If there is a lot of solar and wind energy, hardly any additional fossil power plants are needed for this. In some cases, wind turbines and solar plants are even shut down because they produce more electricity than is consumed. Conversely, if there is little wind and solar power, more climate-damaging gas and coal-fired power plants must run.

This means that if little green electricity is generated, even customers on a green electricity tariff will physically receive a lot of electricity from power plants that are harmful to the climate.

However, if electricity consumption is aligned with the generation capacity of renewable sources, the use of fossil power plants can be reduced. Thus, more “real” green electricity can be fed into the grid overall.

How the tool works

The forecast tool shows you when a particularly large amount of green electricity is available in the German power grid. If you can plan your electricity consumption, you can directly support the use of electricity from renewable energy sources. Just put the consumption in the times that are marked in green in the tool.

The data is based on current information from the German Weather Service. Our system uses historical data to calculate how much green power can be generated and combines the values with total power consumption.

The LADE system automatically manages your charging processes in a way that uses as much real green electricity as possible.