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The genius among
energy managers

Versatile, safe, efficient: LADEgenius combines the advantages of a hardware controller with the intelligence of modern AI development. This enables future-proof energy management with optimized use of renewable energies.

Versatile and flexible

Charging points, heat pumps, storage and much more: LADEgenius dynamically regulates all controllable consumers in the building and optimizes them for renewable energies.

  • 4 x Digital inputs
  • 2 x Digital outputs
  • 6 x RS485 interface
  • 2 x USB
  • 1 x RJ45
  • 1 x 1Wire
  • 1 x SD card

Intelligent energy management with 5-day forecast

Up to 5 days in advance, the artificial intelligence of the LADEcloud determines the ideal time for each individual charging process. Of course, individual needs are always taken into account.

LADEgenius regulates energy use based on this forecast to make optimized use of renewable energy – both locally and at the grid level. This automatically increases the share of green electricity in your consumption and can noticeably reduce your costs.

LADEgenius RT: Direct measurement at the house connection

With LADEgenius RT (Real Time), the current is measured directly at the house connection – up to 4,000 times per second. This enables not only dynamic load balancing, but also PV surplus charging without direct communication with the inverter.

Easy installation and configuration

Thanks to compatibility with standard mounting rails, LADEgenius is quick and easy to install. Simply connect the device to the internet; no additional network components such as switch or patch panel are required. Up to 16 charge points can be connected to each of the six RS485 interfaces in a row.

Do you have questions?
Thomas Schwabe und his team
are happy to answer them.

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