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The complete solution for efficient charging

LADE is the future-proof system solution for charging BEV. Operating charging parks becomes easy, efficient and economical.

Infographik zu den Bestandteilen des LADEsystems bestehend aus Hardware, Backend, LADEapp, Zero-Gap-Lastmanagement und technischem Service

Innovation made in Germany

LADE combines innovative electronics, user-oriented product design, cloud software and smart IT. The system allows simple operation and convenient use of charging infrastructure, redefining the state of the art.

Easy charging for everyone

With the smart, networked LADE technology, you offer your users and customers the best possible convenience. Zuverlässige Hardware, automatische Authentifizierung, digitale Abrechnung und vieles mehr – Laden wird mit LADE fast so einfach wie beim Smartphone.

Ready for commercial operations

Efficient, scalable, compliant with calibration law – the comprehensive LADE system is ready for every use case in the AC charging sector. Access, monitoring, billing, and more: All processes relating to your system are managed digitally and highly automated in the LADEportal.

The charging system that works easily

Mann mit Handy neben ladenden Auto an Wallbox

More efficiency, more safety, more functionality

In addition to the innovative LADE hardware, you get a comprehensive software system for operation, maintenance and usage. Both are perfectly integrated, all processes can be mapped digitally.

Mann mit Handy neben ladenden Auto an Wallbox
Bildschirm der die Funktionen des LADEcockpits zeigt

Intuitive operation and automated processes

All functions and information relating to your charging park are centrally available in the LADEportal. With the modular cloud software, operations can be managed highly automated and according to your individual needs.

Modern mobility with maximum convenience

LADE makes charging easy. Whether it’s customers, tenants or employees, the LADE mobile app ensures frictionless user experiences. Authentication and payment are possible in a variety of ways, including ad hoc charging .

Frau mit Handy auf dem Funktionen der LADE Smartphone-App dargestellt werden

Highly efficient thanks to true scalability

LADE Zero-Gap raises the bar in load balancing. The system uses existing power connections and renewable energy sources particularly efficient. The AI-supported LADEcloud controls operations based on your specifications and the needs of the users.

Expandable, scalable hardware

Install numerous LADE charge points in a row. This saves considerable costs for construction and wiring. Even upgrades to your power connection may be rendered unnecessary. Additional charge points can also be easily connected later.

Infografik zu Ladepark mit Säulen der Firma LADE
Infografik zu Ladepark mit herkömmlichen Säulen

Optimised operations

LADE Zero-Gap works dynamically, phase-individually and almost in real time. This allows maximum utilisation of the power connection. With your own PV system, charging becomes particularly cost-efficient. The decentralised control system ensures high reliability.

Hardware that will take you further

LADE is made for sustainable business. High-quality hardware and the intelligent maintenance concept ensure a long product life cycle. New functions are just one software update away and are provided automatically by the cloud.

Long life span
The robust hardware is able to withstand adverse environmental conditions.

Modular make-up
Thanks to easily replaceable parts, your system can be kept up-to-date without difficulty.

High operational reliability
Duplicate electronics and decentralised communication minimise downtimes.

Fünf bunte Ladesäulen in den Farben hellgrau, gelb, rot, blau und grün.

Detailed monitoring
Comprehensive sensor systems and the AI-supported backend keep an eye on your charging points 24/7.

Automatic updates
All functions are automatically kept up-to-date and will be expanded continuously.

AI-assisted diagnoses
The LADEcloud may inform you about possible errors before they occur.

Four steps to your charging park

Darstellung des Kalkulators durch einen Bildschirm mit einer Zahlenanzeige und einem Regler

Step 1:

Use the interactive LADE Calculator to quickly determine the potential of your charging park, without any commitment. Demand, investment, funding, ROI, yield – see everything at a glance.

Bildschirm auf dem ein Mauscursor auf den Button "Angebote erhalten“ zeigt

Step 2:

How many different offers would you like? With just one click, we will send your request to the electrical contractor of your choice or to our partner contractors in the vicinity of the planned locations.

Mann mit Werkzeugkoffer und Handy vor einem Privatparkplatz zur Darstellung der Angebotsermittlung

Step 3:

Supported by digital tools, the selected specialist company determines and documents the conditions on site and prepares a comprehensive offer. You can keep an eye on the progress at all times in the LADEportal.

zwei Parkdecks mit zehn Ladesäulen und fünf Autos

Step 4:

After the order has been placed, the specialist company installs the charging points and takes care of the paperwork. You set up the usage concept in the LADEportal. Once the construction work has been completed, your charging park is immediately ready for use.