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Retail charging solutions

More and more people have electric cars and thus a permanent need for electricity. With LADE you convince this customer segment simply, cheaply and sustainably.

Colorful charging stations, cars, shopping trolleys and a woman in front of a supermarket

More service for your customers, more sales for your business

E-mobility is fundamentally changing the importance of parking spaces. Where e-cars are parked for a long time, customers want a charging station. With the all-in-one solution from LADE, you can cover your needs easily, cheaply and profitably.

Great user convenience

Reservable charging options

Calibration-compliant billing

Woman in front of parked car at charging station with oversized cell phone in hand. The LADE logo on the display

Automatic authentication

Electricity sales outside of business hours

Numerous payment options

Woman in front of parked car at charging station with oversized cell phone in hand. The LADE logo on the display

Great user convenience

Reservable charging options

Billing in accordance with calibration law

Automatic authentication

Electricity sales outside of business hours

Numerous payment options

The one-stop shop for your charging station

LADE offers everything you need for the profitable operation of charging infrastructure. Thanks to a comprehensive service concept and efficient integration of renewable energies, you can operate your charging station sustainably over the long term.

100% compatible
Hardware and software are optimally matched to one another.

More functionality
New tools and features are just a software update away.

Consistently intuitive
The 360 ° system offers a high level of user comfort on all sides.

Efficient processes

You manage your charging park fully digitally and in a highly automated manner.

Easy start, flexible expansion

LADE technology makes the construction and expansion of charging parks of all sizes easy and inexpensive. You benefit from minimal construction, material and labor costs right from the installation. An extension is possible at any time.

Display with numbers and slide control

Step 1:
Easy start

Calculate without commitment your potential. Purchase and installation orders can be completed entirely online.

Two cars charging at charging station and wallbox

Step 2:
Smart management

Hardware and software work hand in hand. LADE Zero-Gap distributes the available energy highly efficient and needs-based.

Easy scaling is represented by a grid with nine cars charging at nine LADE charge points.

Step 3:
Flexible expansion

If your business is growing, your charging park grows with it easily. Additional parking spaces can be developed from each existing charging point.

More about our products

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Wallbox with cable and green LED ring


Smart, inexpensive, future-proof: The complete solution for residential properties and small businesses.

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Plan your individual LADEpark in retail

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