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LADE Green Charging

Less CO2, lower costs

E-cars offer enormous potential for the energy transition. With our solutions, we can use this potential to increase the share of renewable energies in energy consumption and in the power grid. This not only reduces emissions, but also saves you money.

Mit Elektroautos die Nutzung von Erneuerbaren Energien effizient ausschöpfen

More green electricity – out of the box

The amount of green energy available in the power grid depends heavily on the weather. When little wind and solar power is generated, the power coming out of the socket physically can be generated in coal and gas-fired power plants even for customers with green energy contracts.

LADE Green Charging minimizes this share of fossil electricity – and does so fully automatically. The AI-supported system charges the vehicles precisely when there is a large amount of green electricity available in the grid – always taking personal needs into account, of course.

Elektroautos als Zwischenspeicher für überschüssigen Strom nutzen: V2G

Cost-efficient and green

Our artificial intelligence determines the amount of electricity required, combined with a forecast on the availability of wind and solar power. With this data, our AI assistant Lana creates your optimized charging plan.

You can benefit from this in two ways: Not only by reducing CO2 emissions, but you can also save cash! Because no electricity is as cheap as green electricity. With a dynamic tariff, you benefit directly.

Of course you always remain in control: The charging schedule can be adjusted at any time to your individual needs or unforeseen events.

LADE Green Charging is available for all users of a LADE system solution.

E-cars: Ideal storage for the energy transition

The energy transition not only requires much more electricity from renewable sources, but also intelligent management of power consumption. Whenever possible, consumption should take place during times when a lot of green power is available.

E-cars have a particular advantage here: Their consumption is relatively high, but in most cases it can also be managed very flexibly. This is because cars are parked about 96 percent of the time, for example at home at night or at work during the day. This provides more than enough leeway to determine the ideal time for charging.

Intelligent control of charging processes could increase the share of green electricity in the grid without having to build a single wind turbine. Nearly six terawatt hours of wind power must be curtailed today in Germany due to insufficient grid capacity.

This could power more than 2 million e-cars for one year! By shifting the charging processes with LADE Green Charging, this electricity could be better utilized and directly provide more green electricity in the power grid.