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Charging solutions for businesses

Companies have special requirements for a charging solution. This applies to both the hardware and the software. Cost of ownership, scalability, load and energy management, service and maintenance, and billing or accounting also play a significant role. In addition, design and convenience are very important.

At LADE, our ambition is to provide the best charging solutions for professional users. For you, this means optimised costs over the entire life cycle, future-proof load management, efficient integration of renewable energies, as well as maximum flexibility and scalability to expand your charging solution step-by-step.

Five colorful charging stations with three charging cars in front of a supermarket building

Do business sustainably with optimised costs

LADE not only benefits the climate, but also your budget. Intelligent hardware, digital processing and a smart maintenance concept ensure low costs throughout.

Two cars at the charging station and wallbox. Three circles with euro signs, percent signs and euro signs with clock

Purchase / rent / leasing

LADEsäule (columns) and LADEbox (wallboxes) are significantly cheaper than other solutions, despite numerous features. Financing is possible through various and flexible payment models. If you use your own photovoltaic system, the system pays for itself particularly quickly, thanks to efficient power management.

Open-ended spanners and screwdrivers crossed in front of seven charging stations

Installation & expansion

Der Aufbau unserer Ladeinfrastruktur benötigt deutlich weniger Ressourcen als andere Systeme. Die Ladestationen aus der LADE pro-Serie sind beliebig skalierbar, die Erweiterung bestehender Anlagen ist kostengünstig möglich. Mit digitalen Tools in unserem Partnerportal unterstützen wir Unternehmen und Installationspartner bei der einfachen Planung und Installation der passenden Ladelösung.

LADEcloud surrounded by a charging station, computer screen and mobile phone

Operation & use

With LADEcloud, all processes related to the use of your charging stations are handled digitally and highly automated. With the smart Zero-Gap load balancing system, costs and power consumption are optimised in real time. With Zero-Gap, electricity from your own PV systems is used more efficiently than with any other system, reducing your costs significantly.

Computer screen showing the LADE app in front of the icon for settings


Comprehensive sensors and digital monitoring are keeping tabs on everything 24/7. This reduces need for technical services and keeps maintenance costs low. Redundant components and decentralised networking guarantee maximum availability of the entire charging infrastructure. If required, the modular electronics can be repaired quickly and easily.

A system that has it all

With LADE you get everything you need to operate and use charging infrastructure. With LADEportal and LADEapp, you can handle all processes digitally and largely automatically.

LADEcloud infographic. LADE cloud surrounded by symbols for vehicles, public LADE charge points from other operators, LADE charge points at employees' home, LADE charge points at the company, fleet managers and users and drivers

Your advantages in fleet management

Intuitive working

Manage charging stations, users and fleets in a convenient system. Analyses, reporting and much more are centrally available.

Needs-based supply

LADE Zero-Gap uses the available energy smartly and efficiently. The system optimises costs while ensuring that all charging stations and other consumers receive enough power.

Smart billing

Charging points can also be installed at employees' homes and billed individually. With LADE pro, you can also bill at any other location, fully compliant with calibration law.

Charging according to your needs

You decide who is charging when and how much. Prioritise individuals or groups and define who can or cannot – charge and under what conditions.

Planning and coordination

Users can reserve charging points and coordinate using the LADEapp. Individual charging requirements are reliably controlled by the LADEcloud.

Fast service

Your technicians have access to all relevant information with just a few clicks. Status checks and error diagnoses can be carried out remotely and quickly, saving considerable resources.

Smart billing

Charging points can also be installed at employees' homes and billed individually. With LADE pro, you can also bill at any other location, fully compliant with calibration law.

Direct service

Your technicians can be reached online with just a few clicks. Status checks and error diagnoses can be carried out remotely and quickly, saving considerable resources.

Charging at home – easy and attractive for everyone

With LADE, you enable sustainable mobility for your employees at lower costs and also provide them with a charging option at home with ease. Thanks to digital processing and flexible billing models, you are prepared for all scenarios.

Benefits for your company

  • Installation, maintenance and dismantling can be carried out by professional LADE partners if required.
  • Together with your employees, you determine who can charge when and under which conditions. All processes, including accounting, are mapped and managed digitally.
  • If employees leave the company, this can also be easily mapped via the LADE platform.
Person with laptop sitting in front of a window, cars charging outside
Car charging at wallbox in private parking lot

Benefits for your employees

  • Charging points can be used privately. All transactions are settled digitally and automatically according to your specifications. 
  • If requested by the company, employees can provide their privately generated solar power for a fee, which makes the system pay for itself more quickly.
  • Even with complex use cases, no additional power meter is required for accounting.
  • Administrative processes such as business registration and income tax returns are largely automated via the LADEportal.

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