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Smart, inexpensive, future-proof:
The sustainable and complete solution

for small to medium-sized parking spaces

Fully equipped

LADEmini enables convenient charging at amazingly low costs. The well thought-out hardware makes the system ideal for single and multi-family houses, company parking lots and similar applications.

Up to 7 charging points per cluster

Efficient charging management via LADEcloud

Authorisation via RFID, app or web portal

Ansicht LADEbox mit Kabel, grünem LED-Ring und blauem Steckerkasten

Charging power
up to 11 kW or 22 kW

Individual MID meter
for each charging point (optional)

Type 2 plug with 4 or 7 meter cable

Simple operation, intuitive usage

User-centric design and networked hardware make charging with LADEmini easy and convenient.

Smart charging
LADEapp and LADEportal enable control over charging processes and access to all relevant information.

Intuitive communication
The LED ring and display provide clear information about the current status of the respective charging point.

Seamless monitoring
The LADEcloud automatically detects errors and informs the responsible service company if necessary.

Efficient energy management

More than just load management: The LADE system optimises charging processes and power consumption for more sustainability and cost efficiency. Up to seven charging points can be installed in a cluster and are controlled dynamically.

Darstellung der Verbindung von LADEcloud und LADEmini
  • PV surplus charging with self-generated solar power
  • Optimised power consumption through dynamic load management
  • Smartly controlled charging processes for needs-based supply

For lasting sustainability

Robust, expandable and easy to maintain: Long-term operation of the hardware and responsible use of resources are central to our development and production.

Wallbox umrankt von Blättern
  • Durable hardware thanks to robust materials
  • Improved maintenance through modular design
  • Fully RoHS compliant
  • Short delivery routes and fair production conditions
  • Reduced logistics effort thanks to compact housing